Capacity Utilization

Why Capacity Utilization?

Calculate the actual performance level

You will be able to anticipate potential problems associated with the actual performance level and can make more efficient use of resources.

Make strategic decisions

Know which products to increase in production, which surplus resources to use, and how production meets market demand.

Track operating costs

Make small increases in production as demand increases and track operating costs to ensure adequate financial coverage.

Know the exact delivery time

Plan manufacturing schedules and identify deadline to meet necessary production quotas.

Consider outsourcing

Let your organization take on contracts and produce for other companies, resulting in increased profits and brand value.

Plan the production

Any production line requires some planning ability; the more you plan, the better. Capacity utilzation lets you achieve more detailed and efficient.


  • Be competent & Improve productivity
  • Calculate your production efficiency
  • Maximize utilization = increase profits
  • Get insights for strategic decision making
  • Avoid equipment workload
  • Set more realistic deadlines
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Get all the necessary details in advance


  • Do you think that capacity utilization is a unique activity? Think twice. Your team’s capabilities constantly evolve as projects change and team members leave or join trends. Also, you have to trust people to behonest about their current workloads and limitations. All of this makes it challenging to get a firm sense of your team’s ability to handle new work.
  • Therefore, August Brown has an in-hand, experienced team who gives you a detailed report to eliminate all those potential setbacks. Make capacity utilization measure process more manageable by hiring experts, the August Brown.
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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is capacity utilization?

Capacity utilization rates how a company effectively uses its resources. It is the ratio of actual production to the potential output of a firm at its best. Simply put, it provides insight into a company’s operating efficiency and can fluctuate based on consumer and market demand.

2. How do you calculate utilization capacity?

The capacity utilization rate is measured by dividing the total capacity used during a specified period by the entire production capacity or optimal levels and multiplying by 100. Capacity Utilization = (Actual Production Level/Potential Production) x 100

3. What affects capacity utilization?

Market demand and production scheduling determine capacity utilization. Using capacity utilization rates, you can decide when your products’ demand is increasing and you need to expand capacity.

4. Is capacity utilization a KPI?

Yes, the capacity utilization rate is a KPI and is often called the operating rate. It measures the rate at which potential output levels are reached or used. It is a percentage figure derived by dividing the actual output by the potential production and multiplying it by 100.

5. What is the best way to measure capacity?

It is a crucial calculation that tells your production line efficiency. Therefore, we recommend that before you do any math or try it by hand, consider an expert who can help you make strategic decisions. The capacity utilization rate is always easier to calculate with an expert.