Continuous Improvement

Do You See Opportunity Everywhere?  Great Plans are Nothing Without Execution.

Turning ideas and plans into results is a critical part of any business.  This requires a deep understanding and analysis of the operational processes.  Without a structured approach, companies will be chasing process symptoms instead of making meaningful systemic improvements.  We have found the best way to evaluate and understand a process is using lean manufacturing processes and tools, followed by developing a plan to get to the future state process a company is aiming for.

August Brown can help by evaluating your processes to identify the root cause of bottlenecks and pain points.  Then we develop and execute an improvement plan to eliminate them.  With years of operational experience, our consultants can work at all levels of your organization to execute your improvements plans and create a continuous improvement culture to help you realize the results you are looking for.

Pre-Purchase Acquisition Due Diligence

Reduce the risk out of purchasing a company with hidden operational problems.  We can provide an in-depth review of the operation, processes, metrics, and team member talent.  You want to make sure you have the right processes and team in place to give you sustainable results.  We can also assist you in identifying operational improvement opportunities and supply chain refinements that you can make to serve your customers better, reduce costs, grow more revenue, and increase the bottom line.

Operational Improvement

If your operation is struggling to meet customer demand or deliver the expected financial results we can help.  With a two-day assessment, we will provide you an independent assessment of what the operation and team can deliver in the current state and what they should be capable of.  We will also outline a path to improved operational performance.  We will work with you to support your efforts and achieve key objectives by leveraging Best Practices.

Sales and Operational Planning

Aligning operational capacity with sales demand is critical in satisfying your customer and meeting your financial results.  A robust Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) process is the tool to manage your company’s customer demand, delivery and supply chain for optimal results.

Strategic Plan Development

Getting results depends on having the right strategy and executing that strategy.  A strategic plan is a literal roadmap to success.   We will work with your team to develop a deeper understanding of the business and your markets.  Then we will define the key goals that will have the greatest impact to your company.  We will do this by guiding your team through our process of strategic thinking, planning, and development.