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Evaluating the outcomes of potential management decisions is both critically important and extremely complicated. August Brown leverages a unique combination of qualitative and modelling analyses that enable clients to assess risk and make informed business decisions with confidence.

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The amount that August Brown feasibility studies supported in 2022


Approved Financing for Projects Analyzed

Who we serve

  • USDA Lenders
  • Private Businesses
  • Commercial Banks
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Community Development Entities
  • Commercial Real Estate Developers
  • First Nations Development

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Why August Brown

  • We deliver high quality on time and on budget
  • Offer additional insights that protect and strengthen the ROI of the transactions
  • Analytically rigorous models with random stochastic simulations for every deal

Feasibility Analysis

We are a boutique agency comprised of scientists, engineers, marketers and CPAs whose sole focus is to help your business succeed. We deliver custom-tailored solutions based on a rigorously technical and comprehensive methodology, ensuring the highest standard of feasibility study. We go several steps beyond the typical feasibility study, including next-level analysis that include Monte Carlo simulations. Whether it is a new steel factory, an event center, a new educational program or a construction project, we analyze your project with a level of depth and precision that strengthens the outcomes of the deal.

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