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Risk. Oftentimes the difference between success and failure. Each business approaches risk in their own way, some guessing, some being cautious, others throwing caution to the wind. At August Brown we don't believe in leaving success to chance. Contact us today to find out how a feasibility study can strengthen your business today.
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A feasibility study is the most efficient and effective way to ensure the success of your proposed venture. When done well, a feasibility study can give you a clear picture of the likelihood of success, as well as illuminate any pitfalls and opportunities you may encounter. Numerous banks and businesses continue to choose August Brown to conduct their recommended and required feasibility studies.

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August Brown is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to quality, not quantity. Unmatched analytical rigor and depth of insight.
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Eight people, four on each side, standing outdoors next to a sign that reads Technology Innovation CenterWe are a boutique agency comprised of scientists, engineers, marketers and CPAs whose sole focus is to help your business succeed. We deliver custom-tailored solutions based on a rigorously technical and comprehensive methodology, ensuring the highest standard of feasibility study. We go several steps beyond the typical feasibility study, including next-level analysis that include Monte Carlo simulations.