Innovation Management

What is stopping you from achieving greater growth?

Innovation is the heartbeat of today’s global economy. New ideas continue to push our society to new heights and open new possibilities. It is essential to every company that wishes to maintain relevance and has become a word associated with explosive growth. However, how many companies truly understand innovation, and moreover, how many companies truly understand how to maximize their innovation?

August Brown has spent the past decade doing exactly that, maximizing innovation. Should you need help identifying areas ripe for innovation, we can help. Should you need assistance developing a go to market strategy, august brown can help you. Regardless of your need, August Brown has an experienced team ready to help you take full advantage of your innovations. We have helped companies identify innovation potential in their existing technologies, identified new, unforeseen markets for new technologies, and assisted with every step of the technology commercialization process.

Simply put, you create technologies to change the world, we bring those technologies to the world. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how we can best serve your business needs.

Commercialization/growth strategy

Technology ecosystems continue to evolve and inform business models in most industries. To assist companies in maximize revenues in the rapidly changing new normal, we assist companies to explore new product formats for their technology, identify sales channel and innovation partners, as well as develop commercialization and roadmap plans.

Market analysis

Highly innovative companies and next generation products may cover several market domains with their products and services. Our basis and relational data analysis methodology captures rapidly evolving and disparate market opportunities to provide a concise and ongoing commercial assessment for clients.

Private and Public investor financing

New capital can come internally, through government grants and contracts, or through private channels. The commonality is the need for a well- rationalized, cogent, business case, which can include value and financial modeling, sensitivity analysis against critical assumptions and data presentation in multiple formats.