August Brown | Are You Prepared to Take Advantage of the Opportunities Created by the USDA Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program?

Is Your Business in the Food Supply Chain? You Do Not Need to be Based in A Rural Area to Access the Available $1.3 billion from USDA

The USDA has announced a new guaranteed loan program for projects that strengthen the U.Sthe food supply chain. The Program makes available nearly $1.3 billion in loan guarantees. These loan guarantees will facilitate new investments in infrastructure development for food aggregation, storage, processing, manufacturing, transportation and handling, wholesaling, and distribution. The program will enable the creation of a more resilient, diverse, and secure U.S. food supply chain that addresses bottlenecks and increases capacity across the food supply chain ecosystem.

The Food Supply Chain Loan Guarantee Program backs loans up to $40 million for qualified lenders to finance food systems projects, specifically for the start-up or expansion of activities in the middle level of the food supply chain. It encourages applications for projects that advance the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, promotes equitable access to USDA programs and services, and reduces the impacts of climate change on rural communities. Eligible borrowers do not need to be based in a rural community.

The USDA Rural Development (RD) administers this loan program. It accepts electronic applications from lenders through the Food Supply Chain Online Application System so long as funds are available. It is uncertain how long the funds will be available but as of right now, 99% of the funds are still up for grabs! Interested applicants can check the status of available funds directly with the USDA OneRD Guarantee site,

Feasibility study – A must-have

All applicants for this program need to submit a feasibility study as a part of their application making a feasibility study a must-have for businesses seeking investment under this program. A feasibility study is a critical tool both in providing information about the borrower and in evaluating the probability of the project’s success.

If you work in the banking and financial service sector, you are well aware of feasibility studies as an effective tool to evaluate any investment proposal. However, your clients in the food supply chain sector may not be familiar with the benefits of this excellent tool. Let August Brown help you explain how a feasibility study is beneficial even beyond the loan approval process.

Why August Brown?

At August Brown, we pride ourselves on the depth and quality of our feasibility studies. We have assembled a team with decades of experience across a variety of industries to best support our clients. This also allows us to conduct our feasibility analyses with unmatched analytical rigor.
In addition to the core analysis mentioned above, we build compelling financial models with Monte Carlo simulations that display realistic outcomes, meticulously hone in on the risk factors, and offer risk mitigation insights that will smoothen the diligence process of investors before a funding or acquisition event. The depth and insight provided by our feasibility studies can offer a clear roadmap to any business looking to assess the viability of a project. With an August Brown feasibility study, you can be sure your clients are getting the highest quality analysis available.

We further support this with our post-transaction services, which work to implement continuous improvement initiatives that will continue to enhance the value of the firm. To learn more, contact our offices today at or just go ahead and set up your free strategy session with our team.