Sectors August Brown works with:

Photo of metallic material

Materials & Energy

In the materials industries companies are in search of new applications for existing or new materials under development. August Brown has worked with companies ranked in the top 3 within the fiberglass and plastics industries. Our client list also includes smaller materials firms in composites and metals.

3D rendered image of what looks like nodes and connecting lines to illustrate the molecular structure of a chemical

Chemicals & Coatings

Chemical manufacturers are in search of expanded distribution and new coating applications. August Brown has performed feasibility studies and CDMAs in this sector.

Cropped close-up of a computer board with a photo sensor in center

Sensors, Controls & IoT

The IoT industry is on a steep slope. New platforms are constantly being introduced as sensor capabilities and functions expand. August Brown has worked to enhance the operations and market strategy of clients in this sector.

Dramatic cropped photo of industrial robotic arms with sparks flaring from what seems to be some welding

Industrial Products

August Brown has conducted feasibility studies and performed CDMAs in this sector.

Photo illustration showing computer servers in the background with computer code text superimposed over the image with dramatic colorful lighting effects applied

Smart Infrastructure

Increasingly, investment strategies are focusing on digital infrastructure into operations and dwelling spaces. August Brown has worked with clients in this area towards strategy and investment thesis development.

3D rendering of what looks like the surface of water but represented by a wavy 3D grid with a purple to blue color gradient applied to the image

CleanTech & WaterTech

The CleanTech and WaterTech sectors have experienced tremendous velocity over the past decade. The market suggests that growth in this sector will not abate for years to come. August Brown has worked with clients in this area towards technology development and market analysis.