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August Brown is a boutique agency dedicated to accelerating our client’s growth by providing a niche set of consulting services. We provide unmatched levels of depth, insight, and service with the singular focus of exceeding our client’s expectations. Our goal is to help our clients succeed because we believe what they do will make a positive impact on the world we live in.

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We understand that no transaction is without risk. We also know that our responsibility to our client is to minimize that risk. Therefore, the underwriting services provided by August Brown are conducted at the highest standard. Each transaction is assessed thoroughly, with each aspect examined in-depth before submitting our results. With August Brown you can rest assured the underwriting service you receive is first class.

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We operate with a firm belief that time is money. August Brown prides itself on delivering the highest quality underwriting service available, while also returning results in the shortest time frame possible. This enables our clients to swiftly make confident decisions and move forward with their business.

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Every business is unique, and no business stands still. That is why August Brown offers a full suite of consulting services to assist our clients after the underwriting process is complete. Should you require a feasibility study, management consulting, market analysis, or strategic guidance, August Brown can help your business achieve its goals.