Who We Serve


August Brown serves a wide array of financiers, including commercial banks, USDA-approved lenders, community banks, SBA banks, private equity, and venture capital firms. We assist these financial institutions in funding their projects by conducting comprehensive feasibility studies and conducting other essential analyses. Through our specialized services, we empower them and their clients to make well-informed decisions and secure successful outcomes for their ventures.


We are trusted by over 20 USDA banks, 10 commercial banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. Some of our most prominent clients include:

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August Brown caters to a diverse range of national and foreign businesses across various industries, including manufacturing, hospitality, developers, education, and more. We assist these businesses in securing funding for their projects by conducting thorough feasibility studies and providing comprehensive analyses. Our specialized services empower these companies to make informed decisions, enabling them to achieve their goals and drive success in their respective markets.

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Government Agencies

August Brown directly and indirectly provides services to various government agencies, ranging from the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and other Federal, State, County and Municipal agencies. We support the USDA Rural Development Office’s mission of helping improve the economy and quality of life in rural America by helping rural businesses qualify for loan, grant and loan guarantee opportunities.


August Brown also engages in technology commercialization work, funded by some of these agencies, to facilitate the successful implementation and deployment of innovative solutions that benefit the public.


Universities and Colleges

August Brown serves prestigious universities and colleges, including institutions like Harvard and the University of Wisconsin, among others. We support these educational entities by providing comprehensive analyses, including Capacity Utilization reports. Our tailored services enable these institutions to make well-informed decisions, optimize their resources, and successfully realize their academic and developmental initiatives.