About August Brown

We bridge the gap between R&D, engineering, and marketing teams to uncover and accelerate growth.

The August Brown Mission

August Brown is a boutique agency dedicated to accelerating our client’s growth by providing a niche set of consulting services. We provide unmatched levels of depth, insight, and service with the singular focus of exceeding our client’s expectations. As a team, we are driven by the belief that what our clients do will positively impact the world we live in, and we sincerely hope we can help them succeed.

What problem would you like to solve?

  • Productize an emerging technology.
  • Conduct a feasibility study.
  • Explore different business models.
  • Scout supply chain opportunities.
  • Determine business resilience score.
  • Discover optimal AI and automation possibilities.
  • Uncover operational improvements for profitability.

The August Brown Vision

As no two clients are the same, August Brown believes no two clients deserve the same approach. This is why we custom tailor each of our offerings to meet the needs of each specific client. Every one of our services sets the bar for the industry at-large, delivering uncompromising quality to your business. August Brown’s deliverables provide depth and insight that is unmatched by our competition, regardless of how we engage with you. With this level of detail, August Brown consistently provides commercial banks, private equity groups, and investors with the highest quality feasibility assessments, FMV assessments, and reasonableness opinions.

Many seemingly groundbreaking technologies, even after being built, are resting in the graveyard because of poor market execution. We believe that every product that we bring to market or every company that we grow, will benefit society by producing a greater value for the technology ecosystem. To that end, we do everything in our power to unlock new opportunities, drive in innovation and work with our clients to maximize the value of the offering in a manner that can impact the bottom line and lead to sustainable growth.