Sectors We Serve

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Offering feasibility studies, underwriting and valuation services to banks, private equity, and venture capital firms for informed investment and lending decisions through accurate asset risk and value assessment.

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Enabling agribusinesses to assess the viability of new ventures, sustainable farming practices, and productivity enhancement strategies.

– Indoor Agriculture Facilities
– Commercial Greenhouses
– Hydroponic Facilities
– Aquaculture
– Crop Farming
– Forestry

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Evaluating the operation and expansion of existing food production facilities, as well as the viability of market expansion plans, with a strong focus on enhancing food supply chain robustness and sustainability.

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Evaluating the operation and expansion of existing beverage production facilities, as well as the viability of constructing new facilities.

– Soft Drink
– Bottled Water
– Breweries
– Wineries
– Distilleries

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Consulting on technology product development, supply chain optimization, and site selection to boost competitiveness and profitability.

– Semiconductors
– Batteries
– Other Electronic Components

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Assessing the practicality of various initiatives, from process improvement to market expansion, for sectors beyond technology, such as consumer goods, automotive, and aerospace.

– Consumer Packaged Goods
– Agriculture, Construction, and Mining Machinery
– Basic Chemicals
– Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Other Agricultural Chemicals
– Pharmaceutical and Medicine

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Assisting companies in the construction and building materials industry with product development, market penetration strategies, and facilitating funding opportunities to support their growth.

– X-MAT (sustainable, high performance material systems utilizing polymer-derived ceramics)
– Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood

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Extending expertise to diverse material industries, like textiles, chemicals, and metals, to improve processes and market reach.

– Cultivated Leather
– Basalt Fiber

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Assisting in market demand analysis, potential expansions, and property development through comprehensive feasibility studies to guide informed decisions and maximize returns on investments.

– Residential Building Construction
– Nonresidential Building Construction
– Multi-family and Mixed-use Developments
– Warehousing, Storage and Distribution
– Convention Centers
– Restaurants and Other Eating Places
– Hospitals and Medical Offices
– Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities for the Elderly

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Offering guidance through feasibility studies to hotels, resorts, and other accommodation providers on site selection, project feasibility, and revenue maximization.

– Hotels
– RV (Recreational Vehicle) Parks
– Recreational Camps
– Travel Assistance or Logistics

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Assisting in business planning, feasibility analysis, and operational efficiency maximization for theaters, sports venues, amusement parks, and others.

– Spectator Sports
– Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions
– Theatres and Film Centers
– Amusement Parks and Arcades
– Casinos
– Golf Courses and Country Clubs
– Marinas
– Fitness and Recreational Sport Centers

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Advising on energy sector investments and renewable energy projects through comprehensive feasibility studies and technical reports, helping organizations meet sustainability goals and reduce costs.

– Renewable Energy Projects
– Solar Arrays
– Fuel Facilities
– Biomass Energy Production
– Biodiesel Production
– Biogas Production

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Assessing the viability of oil and gas companies’ exploration, drilling, and production operations while ensuring safety and environmental compliance alongside profitability.

– Mining/Drilling
– Metals and Mining

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Providing educational institutions and organizations with in-depth analyses of local demographics, growth potential, relocation options, and space optimization for enhanced learning environments and efficiency.

– Elementary and Secondary Schools
– Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
-Technical and Trade Schools