August Brown | Case Study: How the Non-Profit Received $46M with Tax Increment District Support

The August Brown Client, a Colorado 501(c)3, sought $46 million to complete the construction, the purchase of the equipment and the financing of the soft costs for the development and launch of its Film Center. 

The Challenge:

Though the company itself is quite profitable, its Film Center was essentially a startup with no prior financial performance. They needed help to gain the funding needed.

The Solution:

To solve the problem, August Brown created a  strategy that separated the Film Center from the shadow of the company. They created a new financial model that demonstrated the impact of the contribution from external sources to the financial performance of the Film Center. 

August Brown also worked with the state of Colorado to confirm the qualification of the Film Center under a tax incremental district for tourism business and included the state funds to the bottom-line of the project in the model. 

August Brown provided the client with a feasibility analysis that concluded in a positive determination across five key areas of assessment:

-Economic Feasibility

-Market Feasibility

-Technical Feasibility

-Financial Feasibility

-Management Feasibility

Additionally, August Brown provided forecasted revenues based on Monte Carlo simulations and recommendations to the leadership team. Through a USDA-backed bank, the Flim Center project received $46 million in funding and is currently in the construction period of their project.